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KEEGO team

June 2016

On a hike up Hochkönig, an idea is born from a problem... For reasons of focus and hygiene most sports require the use of a squeezable bottle, yet nobody seems to like the taste of such bottles, because they are all made of plastic. So when it comes to the essential subject of hydration, why should we sacrifice purity and good taste for mere functionality?

Pictures taken that day!

October 2016

Spending countless hours at trade fairs, looking for solutions in materials and possible technologies...

November 2016

From alloys, elastic and metallic glas to complicated pump systems, origami structures, hydroforming, deep drawing and creative welding – for one or the other reason none of these technologies seem to be quite the right solution for the challenge at hand.

December 2016

Good things come to those, who keep going...

Austrian state-funding (aws impulse XS) is granted.


February 2017

A hint by an old friend and engineer from Switzerland draws our attention towards the field of layering-technology. Crucial...

May 2017

Breakthrough... Having found a partner of development in the University of Leoben (Austria), first tests regarding the layering-technology bring positive results and Titanium is the material of choice!

August 2017

Another proof of concept. This time from Denmark. Layering does in fact work for the production of a sports bottle.

September 2017

Working on the design because technology alone is never enough.

KEEGO taking shape

Trying to get it right for every sport.

KEEGO model

October 2017

Baptism: Officially registering under the name of KEEGO.




November 2017

Building the first prototype.

December 2017

2017 ends on a high note. Getting the deal done with the Danish production partner. Being granted another state-funding. While shooting photo and video content for the Kickstarter campaign. KEEGO finally on camera... Epic!

March 2018

Start of the crowdfunding Campaign on Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

What will the crowd think? Are we doing something people will like?

KEEGO on Kickstarter

Squeezing it all out.

KEEGO squeeze

May 2018

What a success!

What started with a small goal of €25.000 EUR ended with 277.573 EUR and 3.535 backers supporting KEEGO.

July 2018

The planned production system turns out to be too small and melts bottles when running at higher speed.

KEEGO deform

October 2018

Not only the system needs an overhaul but also the material combination has to be aligned. Unfortunately, the current manufacturer can’t handle the new process.

KEEGO taking heat

February 2019

A new production partner is found in Switzerland. And the first samples are perfect. Winds are turning!

KEEGO inside

Light at the end of the tunnel!

March 2019

Production start.

Hands on KEEGO

June 2019

Delivery to all the crowdfunding backers

Shipping KEEGO

August 2019

First favorable reviews come in from Radfahren.de und Cycling Claude.

"KEEGO is the ideal drinking bottle"

"Drinks keep their pure taste even in the heat"

September 2019

Our first booth at the world biggest cycling fair “Eurobike” in Friedrichshafen.

October 2019

Production of the second generation of KEEGOs – even lighter and easier to squeeze. Plus a new color: Celestial Mint.

KEEGO Celestial Mint

November 2019

Our first award!

Design Innovation Award KEEGO

"This is the end of plastic water”

January 2020

Our second award!

KEEGO at Ispo

At the ISPO.

March 2020

KEEGO mask

We keep going.


To have a closer look at the bottle. Click here