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Old for new.

Introducing: KEEGO Refresh

We are closing the loop. Because after the game is before the game.


In order to make sure your KEEGO gets a second life, we are collecting your old bottles and feed them back into the loop.

For this we need to divide the materials used in KEEGO. We do this by using the different melting points of the material and filtering out particularly the titanium (melting point 1.668 °C). Currently this means an extra production step which itself uses energy. But the components to do this integrated in the production are being manufactured right now and will start running in March 2022. Also, we need to gather quite a lot of bottles for it to make sense. But we have to start somewhere if we want to make a change.

If you want to make sure your KEEGO gets recycled into new bottles and support us in our purpose to create minimal waste please follow these steps:

1) Your KEEGO has been an indispensable part of your rides, workouts and runs for a long time. But it is reaching the end of its days, for whatever reason.

2) You pack up and send your KEEGO(s) to:

KEEGO Technologies GmbH

Margaretenstraße 106/4, 1050 Vienna, Austria

Or just pop by our office in Vienna and say hello to the team and drop off your KEEGOs!

In the case of sending the bottles, the sender bears the shipping costs.

3) Make sure to somehow include your information, either by giving us your contact information (name, email, phone number) or by giving us your original order number. NOTE: without this information we cannot issue you a voucher for a KEEGO Refresh!

4) We send you your unique code for a 20% discount for the same amount of KEEGOs you sent for a Refresh.

5) Order your new KEEGO with peace of mind knowing that your previous KEEGO will get recycled and reused.

We know we can further improve this system, especially with shipping, so we will continuously update this page with latest info where you can drop off your KEEGOs other than in Vienna (e.g. on fairs or events or at your local sporting goods dealer).

Support us in establishing this system and making this the new standard.