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KEEGO Water Bottle Survey

Sports and Bike Water Bottles - Survey


They come in many shapes and colors. But they all have one thing in common - they are essential for sports: the drinking bottles.

On our mission to develop the best drinking bottle in the world, we keep encountering exciting objects - from origami bottles to mini bottles (200 ml) that are worn on a strap around the wrist. But what really matters is what the best have to say about it.
That's why we asked 52 cycling teams from Germany and Austria about their thoughts on drinking bottles in sports. You can read what they had to say about it here.


First, it was about getting an overview and asking the athletes about their satisfaction with the current range of sports bottles out there.

Only 19% said they were “very satisfied” with the offer. 48% of the respondents were only "rather satisfied".

Although this is a good start, there is still plenty of room for improvement!

And what about the 33% who stated to be “less satisfied”? The question of the “why?” arises.

But first of all, which bottles are actually used?

Of the 52 teams surveyed, 30% said they used Elite bottle, whereas 24% named Tacx as the brand used in their cycling club.

Thus, Elite and Tacx are right at the front, shortly followed by Camelback.

The two leaders, Elite and Tacx, are not only popular with cycling clubs, but are also at the forefront of the Tour de France - eleven of the 22 participating teams ride with Tacx, nine with Elite (and a very special one for Alaphilippe this years Tour de France).

It is also interesting to see that 11% of cycling clubs actually use promo-bottles. That leaves a lot of room for improvement, in our humble opinion.


Next question: What are the 3 most important properties of a sports bottle?

For 21% of cyclists, it is of upmost importance that the bottle be cleaned easily, closely followed by the healthy materials the drinking bottle should be made of. Together with the taste, these are clearly the three most important aspects of a bottle.

Last but not least, the question of the biggest disadvantage of squeezable bottles currently available.

29% of the respondents named the problem of cleaning as the greatest disadvantage.
For 24%, unhealthy materials are a no-go and 22% complain about mold growth and / or discoloration of their drinking bottles.

One of the most frequently mentioned (14%) disadvantages of conventional sports bottles is the fact that they tend to give off a certain taste and alter the taste of the liquid inside.

Conclusion: The answers show us that we are right on target with KEEGO.
Thanks to titanium, our drinking bottles are not only easy to clean, but it also prevents mold formation, guarantees the pure taste of the drink and, thanks to its durability, is a sustainable alternative to common plastic bottles.

A great result that extremely motivates us to keep going.

Welcome to team KEEGO!


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