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What distinguishes KEEGO from a conventional plastic, metal and glass drinking bottle?

We give water back its taste.
Thanks to an inner elastic titanium layer, your water in the bottle remains neutral in taste and smell.
KEEGO Trinkflasche Innere Schicht

Nothing but pure water.
With KEEGO, say goodbye to microplastics, softeners and mould in your bottle - but not without the pleasure of deliciously fresh water.

Lasting freshness.
Titanium is easy to clean over the long term. So you extend the life of your bottle and do something good for the environment.
KEEGO Trinkflasche Wasser Squeeze

Squeezable and light.
The elastic titanium makes your KEEGO easy to squeeze and yet, your KEEGO is much lighter than conventional metal bottles and not fragile. This makes it the ideal companion, whether on the bike, on the mountain, in the gym, on the court or just throughout your day. 

Innovation made in Austria.
KEEGO comes from Austria. Quality is our top priority as well as the environment.

You can find more information in the video:

KEEGO - Titanium Performance