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Best Bottle for Bikepacking – an easy choice!

Best Bottle for Bikepacking – an easy choice!

The year is 2021. Corona is still lingering on and countries are still not really opening up. But you are feeling the ‘wanderlust’ like never before… Your bike misses you. You miss the great outdoors. A solution is appearing… you will go on a bikepacking trip!

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Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Wait, hold up. Let us take a step back here; What is bikepacking??

In a nutshell, bikepacking is a backpacking trip by bicycle. It can be a short ride, or a long one, but it should include an overnight stay of some kind. It can be single-track touring, off-track touring, dirt road etc. In any case the concept remains the same, it is you (+ your friends or crew), your backpack, bicycle and the rest of the gear.

Okay, now we are getting there. What are some tips we could share for your next bikepacking trip?

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Image by Fernando Northpak from Pixabay 

  • First, seriously consider where you will be going. The type of terrain is a gamechanger. This will affect the weight you will be carrying, which will ultimately affect your tires and the amount of air in them. More weight - more air - more suspension pressure.
  • Organize! That means consider a toolbox, put things in places where you expect to find them... and put them back there when you take them out on the road!
  • Dress for the occasion. Light and warm clothes and for heaven's sake do not forget gloves.
  • Charge your electronics, bring chargers, power banks... and something to snack! You never know when the snack craze hits

Did you notice the ‘light’ in our previous suggestion? That is right, going ‘light’ is a key factor for bikepacking. Which brings us to the next point and actually the topic of the blog:

Which bottle is the best for bikepacking?

The answer is simple. A bottle that is light, easy to clean, can be used with one hand while riding and, in the best case, does not release any plastic components into the water.

And this is where KEEGO comes in to play. Not many bottles meet all the above criteria, and how could they? It is super hard to meet two of them, let alone all of them.

But KEEGO is no ordinary bottle. We designed and developed the world’s first squeezable metal bottle. Let us tell you why this is important for your bikepacking trip:

A light bottle reduces the weight on your long trip. Pretty clear. Sorry steel bottles.

A bottle that retains taste throughout long rides has a twofold effect – first, you do not get that nasty plastic taste in your mouth (we all know it and hate it), and second, it has numerous health benefits (no BPA, BPS, plasticizers, and microplastics in your water). You may not feel it in the few days, but in the long run your body does. So sorry plastic bottles… not.

A bottle you can drink with one hand means you do not have to get off your bike or stop along the way to drink. You can ride non-stop. If you want to, of course. Sorry, most steel bottles.

And a bottle that retains temperature means driving in warm and/or cold climates does not impact your bottle contents. We are not there though. Not yet.

Okay, so now you have your water bottle criteria. Now what?

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Plan your stops! Plan a few stops ahead of time to fill up your water bottle. This really depends on the road you take - it could be small towns or clean streams in nature. But be sure to plan for it! Hydration is half of your health and endurance.

Alright, we think you are all set now for your first bikepacking trip! Head over to our shop and get your ideal bikepacking bottle, prepare your gloves, charge your phone and let’s go!

Keep Going.



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